Friday, July 10, 2009

So a Chilean, a midget, and a black guy get in a cab…wait stop me if you ‘ve heard this

so you can probably gather that I've arrived in Chile after a trip which started auspiciously. While standing in line at the Atlanta airport, I realized that I ordered the wrong type of rental car in Santiago. After correcting this, I attempted to board the flight to Madrid because I did not realize that there was a gate change. I just found out that my camera is only taking blurry pictures...oh and I don't speak ANY Spanish. But I'm trying to pass for an angry Brazilian, mostly by relying on my delicious sexiness.

Things can only get better since Thomasin arrives tomorrow at which point I'll have access to a working digital camera.

I shared a cab from the airport with a Chilean, a midget, and some random woman from North Carolina. I didn’t realize that they made midgets in Chile. Though I guess you can't make midgets. Wait is that racist? Is midgets the right term? All this thinking makes my head hurt


  1. They're called "little people." And they throw them here in the south. Which is probably why you're clearly horribly prejudiced against them and call them names - it's your Atlanta roots.

  2. "little people" sounds even more offensive. And what's the cut-off for being a little person and just being short?