Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm starting with the man in the mirrroooorrr

So yesterday was my first real day of attempting to explore Santiago. It was mostly done by foot given that trying to decipher anything at the subway station was the equivalent of trying to read Ancient Sanskrit. This was partly because I don't speak Spanish, but, umm, mostly because I don't speak Spanish. Yes that is embarrassing, but I plan to be all kinds of fluent when I leave here.

Even though it is winter here, it's unbelievably nice. My itineraries are generally based on what Lonely Planet and Oprah tell me to do. I find that it's just easier that way. I walked through Plaza de Armas which is apparently where everyone in Santiago decided to go yesterday. I will hopefully make it back with a working camera to send pictures. Then it was off to the Museum of Pre-Columbian art. This museum features art and pottery that is, umm, pre(before) Columbian (Columbian). It's housed an insanely beautiful building right next to Plaza de Armas. I highly recommend to anyone visiting the city.

Then that night Henning (a friend of my friend Amelie) took me out to see the Santiagoan (Santiagoian? Santiagoooiean?) nightlife. Henning has the same freakish obsession with music as I do. It was like talking to myself. If myself were German. Henning moved here with his Chilean girlfriend and they started a delicious cafe in the centro. Es muy caliente!

Needless to say, by 4:30 in the morning I had experienced enough of Santiago's nightlife. I hurt right now and am sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for Thomasin and her late flight. sigh.

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