Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh what a feeling, we're dancing on the ceiling

So I unfortunately cannot recommend going to Vina Del Mar which is another beach town right next to Valpo. It completely lacks charm, and is sorta dirty, and rampant with gypsies. While Thomasin and I were pretty sure that gypsy is not the appropriate term at all, we did not bother to look it up and correct ourselves. But be aware that they are super aggressive when asking for the money that you clearly will not give them.

However, the highlight of Vina Del Mar is the museum of Archeology and History. I think the two headed sheep and real shrunken heads say it all. And we sort of learned about the history of Easter Island, but seriously there was a two headed sheep.

Note that the stuffed bears are just the heads and their bodies are painted in on the wall.

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