Thursday, July 16, 2009

There are no words

After dropping our suitcases (and anything that wasn't bolted down in the car) in our hotel room, we headed to experience the culinary delights of Los Angles. It was either McDonald's or Bavaria. We chose Bavaria, an empty diner which can't be described in words. It's the place that time forgot. But on further consideration, it looks like the diner in movies where the out of town couple goes before they're killed in the crappy Hotel Dikran across the street from the rape-y men. There was a table with a reserved sign, which I think now might have been ironic. However our wiener schnitzels were edible. Then we went for drinks at the bar (read: basement) next to our hotel to numb the pain of this town. We ordered a 40 and got drunk with the 3 guys there watching tv and betting on the horse races. Thomasin and I sang to the tunes on one guys cell phone while helping them pick horses to bet on. I'm still not sure if Ying-Yang or Back King won.

The picture on Thomasin's face captures our emotions over the past 5 hours. Fear, confusion, exhaustion, hunger, anger, fear, delirium, fear. We CANNOT wait to get out of here tomorrow.

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