Monday, July 20, 2009

Rolling, rolling, rolling on a river

Pucon is an outdoor adventure paradise. If there's anything you've wanted to do in the wild and were too afraid or embarrassed to do it before, well then Pucon is the place for you. ewww, no not that thing. or that thing either. I'm talking about such things as white water rafting. This was Thomasin's first time and she LOVED it!!!

We went through a great agency called Aguaventura (which i think means either water adventures or donkey's breath. We'll never know). Anyway, for some reason they let us start out with Class IV rapids even though most of the people had never done it before. Our guide spent most of the trip either trying to knock people off the boat or run into large rocks. I don't know a lot about rafting or appropriate guiding techniques, but pretty sure that's not in the manual. Irregardless, it was ridiculous. And yes, the water was freezing. I fell in once, and jumped in once. I couldn't feel my feet for 3 hours.

We even made friends, who said they were going to add us to their Facebook page, but they totally haven't yet. WTF?!? guess we'll never find them since we actually never introduced ourselves.

Btw, the photos of us don't even come close to capturing the trip.

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