Monday, July 20, 2009


So the last 3 days have been pretty non-stop, leaving little room for uploading and updating and whatnot. So I issue this apology to my loyal reader.

After quickly getting the hell out of Los Angeles, we headed due east to the Volcano Laja, about 1 hour away. We knew the trip would be exciting when, upon entering the national park, we were stopped in our tracks by a hoard (swarm? pride? pack?) of mountain goats. I assumed that they were heading up the hill to do battle with another animal species like in Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately they were just heading to the waterfall to drink. But they didn't so much drink from the waterfall, as logic would dictate. Instead they drank the water off the rocks and ate garbage. stupid goats....oh and there were pigs. But they totally looked gross

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