Thursday, July 16, 2009

The hardest part is the tip

So yesterday we made our way to the Santiago airport to acquire our rental car and make our way 1.5 hours south of the city to Santa Cruz (better known as wine country). Driving in Chile is more or less like a video game from the 80's with obstacle courses at every turn to thwart you from getting to your final destination. It's like Super Mario Brother's except there are no dragons throwing fireballs at you, and when you eat mushrooms you don't get special powers. Our rental car is the cheapest one they had meaning that we have the most basic accoutrements, just barely. Luckily there was a radio with a amazing music and a disproportionate amount of Reggaeton.

Our obstacles (read: enemies) included the following:

1. A man on a bicycle in the middle of the highway
2. Chilean men running back and forth across the highway
3. large trucks with either fruit or papers falling off the back
4. at least 20 toll booths (we've spent at least $50 in tolls so far)
5. Chileans (lots of them) selling peanuts and whatnot at the toll booths (we would have none of that)
6. poor directions provided by google map (they are the worst), and
7. incoherent roads signs

But finally we arrived at our hotel Casa de Silva which is like heaven on earth. More on that soon.....

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