Monday, July 20, 2009

It was bound to happen

So this morning Thomasin and I realized that we had to get our rental car back to
Budget in Santiago in 4 hours before it was late. We were 3.5 hours away from the airport. For an entire week we've aggressively disregarded the speed limits, to great effect. We spent days watching other's get pulled over, and laughed heartily. So heartily I almost vomited.

Of course that's why there's a thing called Karma. On the way back to Santiago this morning I got "waved" over by a cop. Yes you read that correctly, waved over. The cops don't chase you with a siren, they expect you to politely pull over. Several days before, we were told by our concierge in Santa Cruz that if we get pulled over to tell the police we're American and don't speak English. And presto it worked!! They were so frustrated with us repeatedly saying "no comprende" that they just let us go. They also thought I was Brazilian, but I said NO, I'm American, or whatever.

So we were on our way....until 1 hour later another group of cops pulled me over for going
9 miles over the speed limit. 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then the cop wouldn't give me back my ID until I paid the fine at the municipality which we had no idea where it was. I was more angry because they were making us late turning in our rental car. But I was going nowhere without that license and after 20 minutes they decided to escort us to the municipality to pay the $80 fine. I drove 1 kilometer under the speed limit the rest of the way to the airport. And luckily the lady at the rental car desk didn't make us pay the late fee. I think it was because I'm Brazilian.

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