Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

I'm now boarding my plane to head back to Los Angeles, which I think means city of soulless vagrants in spanish. But I also think that's wrong.

I'm feeling so many emotions right now. Sadness. Denial. Vertigo. Hunger.

Now I spread my wings (metaphorically of course), and prepare for my next travels. Which of course means that Hello Lovely Chocolate People will live on!!!! The journey of Kéith has only just begun. And please observe the new spelling of my name


  1. Continue to make us happy.... Keep traveling. I will miss this blog! Thanks for many lovely moments my favorite chocolate person! (Is that inappropriate? If so sorry.)

  2. KEITH! It's been a long time - but my voracious stalking paid off and I found your blog. It was fun keeping up with your trip. Particularly for those of us living our lives in slightly less-exotic areas. I'm currently living in Greenville - considered by many to be "The Sydney of South Carolina." (Many = me). I was also curious . . .on a scale of 1-10, how similar living on the dive boat was to Ben Affleck's experience on the "Voyage of the Mimi." Anywho - all my best to you and your family! - Lauren (Habif)

  3. Hi Keith-
    It's your long lost friend, Karley! Ok so I linked to this from Erin H blog and immediately had deja vu! All the places you went Mindy Goldstein and I visited right after college. It was the most amazing 4 months!!! I remember like it was yesterday crying at the airport getting ready to leave to go back to the States. (And maybe I was running around the Sydney airport asking any random bloke if they wanted to marry me just so I could stay! -but that's just a minor detail...) I am completely envious of all your experiences and I have to admit that you will have an Australian hang-over for sometime once you get back. But remember, Stay gold pony boy!
    Tell the fam I said hello!!