Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what's a gift horse anyway?

The island that I'm staying on is actually called Hamilton Island. It isn't huge and is easily accessible by foot. Or you can rent a golf cart and drive around. I tried to rent a buggy until I was soundly refused because my nyc driver's license expired. 6 months ago. I then proceeded to pretend I had limited English skills and demand that they except my Dutch residency card instead. This plan lasted approximately 5 seconds which meant that I should implement plan C. Grand theft auto. Then I thought to myself, "hey self, jail may not be fun. Especially Australian jail. I mean they eat vegemite outside of prison, could you imagine what they'd feed me inside?" So I spent the day walking. The island is actually pretty nice but a little over developed with beachfront houses and condos. But oh the views of the reef are stunning.

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