Sunday, February 1, 2009

it happened last night

So for my last night in cairns me and some fellow divers decided to hit the town and see what it was like. Let me start by saying that cairns is a sh*thole. Only stay there if you have an early flight like I did due to proximity to airport. We ended up at the well known bar wool shed which was filled with backpackers. I've never hung out with so many backpackers in such close proximity. It was amazing. I'm only a backpacker in the sense that I have s small backpack to carry my computer in. It was like being back in college. some state college that I did not go to.

The night started with cheap beers before we came to the bars main event, Gold Fish racing. I will post pics once I'm near a computer, but it was amazing. Each fish represented a country. The fish representing the US was a black goldfish. Which would be offensive if weren't not so hilariously amazing and appropriate. The best part was that USA fish won all his heats and eventually the final. It was a great time for our country and more than likely signals the reemergence of the US. Unfortunately that goldfish will be dead in a week once some drunken idiot pores beer in his tank. And sadly the same will happen to the US. But instead it will be some foreign chemical agent leaked into our water system. I'm looking at you Russia.

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