Friday, February 6, 2009

Whit Sunday Revisited

This is Marjen, the Dutch Dive instructor on our boat. She was awesome. The two guys in the back ground are the other two divers, who were terrible.

These are the views from my hotel room. Yes they are beautiful but slightly depressing cause of the overcast. the overcast and rain that lasted for 3 days. arrrggghhh.

This is one of the cute native birds of the island. This bird is also a thief and tried to steal my lunch before I ate it. Had it been one of those annoying cockatoos I would have punched it.

So now that I'm on Fraser Coast (where it is SUN-NY!) I am happy once again. Even happier that I'm staying in Hervey Bay (actually overlooking the harbor) and the cafe next door has wireless internet that I can use 24 hours a day. from my hotel room. I can actually see into the cafe right now, except that they're closed.

but I can now upload pics not taken from my camera phone. These are photos from the Whitsundays. They are depressing because the sun never came out. Except for the hour before I had to board the shuttle the airport yesterday, natch. (see above)

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