Tuesday, February 10, 2009

keep your eyes on the final hour

So I'm down to my final hour before I have to head to the Sydney airport and leave the country that I've so grown to love.

I woke up this morning to the dull ache in my legs. Walking has been slow and arduous from my muay Thai class yesterday.

I made it 1 block from the hotel and ate at the first place I saw.
In 30 minutes of sitting at the outdoor cafe this crazy cat lady sitting next to me handed me her kitten. Despite the fact that I told her I don't like cats and that handing strangers your dirty pet is socially unacceptable. Because I could not throw it back at her without looking insensitive, she thought that meant it was okay to take a picture of me and her cat. 5 minutes later a crazy teenage couple had an argument in front of me about something. Not sure what but a dog was involved and it was sad. Oh and it is cold.

These last 30 minutes have basically summed up my trip. What a strange, exciting, unpredictable, and fascinating place this has been. It makes my heart swell with the blood of a thousand emus (that's actually an old Australian saying). Bye Australia. I'll miss you like deserts miss the rains. Or like babies miss milk. Or like something misses
something else.

It's been a great journey. I've learned so many new things. Most of which are not appropriate for print in this blog. But like Arnold famously said in that movie, I'll be back. Don't know when or how, or...well actually I know how because it'll be by plane. But the point is Australia, my lover, my teacher, my friend, I'll be back.

So long

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