Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And we're dancing on the ceiling!

So for my five trip I took H2O dive out to Hayman island. While it did not rain, the visibility underwater was horrendous and you couldn't see more that 10 feet in front of you. Which made the dive kind of a waste. What made it more of a waste was the fact that the two other guys in our dive group were totally annoying and old. They also pissed off the dive instructor because they were incapable of following directions and generally broke every safety rule of diving. But I think it's because they were from Canada, eh? No offense Jamil.

But the crew was really friendly, and one was Dutch. The Dutch and norwegians appear to have taken over Australia. Hayman island is also quite beautiful. Above water. I don't mean to sound pissy but bad weather really affects my mood. You hear that Ellie? I normally never complain about anything

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