Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today was a day so uneventful and unexciting it barely deserves mentioning. So I'll present it in bullet points.

* went to daydream island by ferry. That's a misnomer if there ever was one

* then went to airlie beach on the mainland to have lunch. Note to Lonely Planet travel guide. If a restaurant closed over a year ago, do NOT still leave it in your guide. Especially if that place is now a condo, and a certain person accidentally walks into someone's apartment thinking that it's reception because the doors are mislabeled. That was awkward for me.

* went to one (read: only) bar cum nightclub on Hamilton island. Yes there was live music and the people were not interesting. Note to blond lady from Melbourne with childen. Do NOT leave your kids at home while you go to the bar to get drunk.

But tomorrow is Fraser Island where the weather is supposed to great. Very excited!

Good night.

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