Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If you like it then you better put a ring on it Sydney. Put a ring on it

So my final day/night in Sydney has just reached it's logical conclusion. My day started with lunch. at Azuma, a delicious sushi restaurant in the CBD. Oh it was delicious. And relatively cheap. that's because they entered the wrong price for everything I ordered. I didn't say anything because I am not stupid.

Then took a guided tour of the Sydney Opera House. What a beautiful place on the inside. Too bad that any place that you wanted to take a picture of inside was forbidden. sigh.

After that I went to highly advanced form of kickboxing* with my new favorite person Nick Taylor. It was probably the most intense hour and a half of physical activity that I've done...ever. I made up for that by eating an insane amount of Udon noodles with spicy beef, followed by Rum Raisin Gellato.

*I say this because I am now in pain. My wrist are still shaking as I type this. Damn you Nick Taylor!!!

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