Thursday, February 5, 2009

It happened last night... in pictures

So now I've finally arrived in Hervey Bay (ie. Fraser Coast). I'm right on the Marina now, sitting at a cafe, listening to what can only be described as a mix between Calypso and Sade. But then again, isn't Sade just Calypso music disguised as smooth R&B? Anyway, this is the most relaxing place I've been in the past week. And I love it because it's not raining (Whitsunday Islands). It's about 9:30 PM, but the cafe is open late and has insanely fast wireless internet.

Now I can send pictures from my final night in Cairns (also known as the most disgusting city that's not Panama City, Florida). These were all clearly taken with my camera phone. The pictures in order are:

1. Random crazy Canadian dude who kept humping the pool table while we tried to play.

2. My friend Dave who was my roommate on the boat. He's from Calgary in Canadia and has been traveling for like 8 months after getting laid off.

3. My friend Scott. another dive buddy from the boat from Perth, Australia. he's really awesome and probably the most laid back person I've ever met. He also wore the same clothes for 4 days straight.

4. These are the lanes for the goldfish racing contest.

5. This is the random Norwegian girl representing the Swedish fish. can't remember her name. But I'm sure it has an umlaut in it.

6. And finally this is the guy representing the USA (ie. black Obama Fish). Again, we won!!!!!!

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