Thursday, January 29, 2009

So a guy walks into a bar and says ow!

So my blogging has been lacking simply for the fact that I do not have highspeed computer access. I'm currently staying in Palm Cove which is a beautiful beach town/village/city/enclave outside cairns next to the great barrier reef. My hotel is amazing except for the fact that it has comically slow internet access. Therefore I'm updating the blog from my blackberry. Thus I can't upload pics for the time being. Not having computer access makes me feel uncomfortable. like watching ugly people kiss. It's just not right. So apologies for all the egregious errors because blackberries are terrible to type on.

The past two days have been long and uneventful. I'm getting my final diving certification and have been in a pool the past 2 days with my instructor Cool Paul. I call him that because he is cool and his parents have given him the name Paul. I somehow ended up being the only person in my course whereas everyone else is in a class of 10 people. This works well for me as I don't like people.

Tomorrow I head out to the reef to live on a dive boat for several days. I will take copious pics and hopefully some underwater. I'm also doing a night dive which will be pants crappingly awesome! It's unlikely that I'll have internet out in the reef but who knows. I had service in the bush of Africa. So will update when I can.

Luckily I'm diving with Cool Paul which will ensure that I don't get left in the ocean. Coincidentally enuf they're showing the movie Open Water tonight about the divers who get left at sea. Don't know if that's a sign...perhaps a sign that they'll make a move about me. Hmmm, who will play me? Morris chestnut? Bill bellamy? Perhaps Gabriel union will star?

Some of you will get that joke.

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