Thursday, January 29, 2009

I punched a donkey once

So now I'm officially on my live aboard dive boat. In the middle of the reef and though I can see land far in the horizon I'm still amazed I get blackberry service. Thus I can update you guys on my experience if only to make you feel bad about your lives.

I went for an afternoon snorkel (cause I'm not aloud to dive again until tomorrow). Which is fine because I just saw a black tipped reef shark. It was truly amazing.

The boat is actually pretty nice and there are only 9 other passengers besides me living aboard. which again is fine because of my aversion for people still exist. There are twice as many crew as passengers and 2 are Dutch. And the Dutch are as goofily ridiculous as I remember. Makes me want to work on a boat. Except of course for the fact that it would be hilariously gross after a week.

Here's to the sea....oh and they have TV on the boat. I must have done something scratch that, something great in my previous life. I'm going to marry you TV.

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