Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blue Mountains

Today (Day 5) I went to the Blue Mountains which has been the best part of my trip so far. It's absolutely stunning but unfortunately the pictures don't come close to captureing the sheer awesomness of the canyon. They're called the Blue Mountains because of the blue hue given off by the trees reflecting the sun's rays. Kind of like a rainbow (I told you this blog would be informative).

I went with OZ Trek tours and they're spectacular and I highly recommend them. Very professional and our guide Melanie was super informative with a great personality. The group sizes are small which means that your odds of being annoyed by random people decreases drastically. I now have travel buddies to meet up with in Melbourne tomorrow. It was a 10 hour tour from pick up to drop off, but well worth it. The trip ended with a walk through the rainforest.

There is a stop for lunch in Leura where I had the best steak sandwich in the history of ever. The place is called Red Door so go if you have a chance.

I love this country.

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