Thursday, January 22, 2009

Melbourne is not Sydney

So I have been in Melbourne two days and it's so much NOT like Sydney. Not better or worse. Just different.

After arriving in the morning (and more or less missing most of Obama's speech) I decided to take a trip down to St. Kilda which is the beech area of Melbourne. Of course I use the term beach very loosely as it is a twelve foot wide stretch of sand facing water. There is also an absurdely unappealing amusement park called Luna park.

However I did have an excellent meal at Rococco which is right near the water. But do you know what drinking in the middle of the day does to a man? It makes him drunk. I would advise against it especially when it's 100 degrees out. There is a 99% chance that you will develop a massive headache by 5 PM....So after a nap it was off to my first night at the Australian Open.

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