Saturday, January 31, 2009

Get To Know An way of New Zealand

So this is Awesome Paul. Formerly known as Cool Paul, I changed his name after he officially certified me. He's from New Zealand and hates it when I jokingly call him Australian. I kept doing it until he only half-jokingly threatened not to certify me unless I paid him $100 Australian Dollars. which is roughly $7 US dollars. He's been a dive instructor for like 15 years which is coincidentally the age of his son. which if my math is correct means he had his son when he was 12. He was a really cool instructor and sits around making fun of people all day. which of course is why we got along. He's thinking of starting his own dive instructing company in New Zealand which is smart since New Zealand is inhabited mostly by sheep. So very low competition. Say hello to Paul.

Unrelatedly, how come no one ever told me how large my head is to the rest of my body? Now I understand why people always say I have such tiny ears. Which apparently is a nice way of saying you have a massive head.


  1. Who ever said you have small ears?

  2. You don't have a massive head - it's just your ego that make sit SEEM big.

  3. Ummm yes clearly i'm going to have to disable the comments feature for certain individuals