Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Introduction

Hello friends and family. Welcome to my travel blog "Hello Lovely Chocolate People". Most of you know the origin of that name but for those unfamiliar, I'll enlighten. During my trip to Istanbul with my sister we quickly learned that we accounted for half of the minority tourists there. In an attempt to get us to come into his restaurant, a man smiled at us, stretched out his arms and greeted us thusly: HELLOOOO LOVELY CHOCOLATE PEOPLE!!!

I thought "well played random Turkish restaurant owner". Because of the sheer awesomeness, and vague offensiveness of this encounter, I decided that if I ever formed a band I'd call it Hello Lovely Chocolate People. Since I will never form a band, I've decided to give my blog that name. You'll be able to follow me through Australia for the next month, go where I go, see what I see, do what I do...haaa, I'm just kidding. You won't actually be doing any of these things because you'll be working, but through this blog you can watch me do them. I'll attempt to update daily or at least every other day with pictures, random musings, and hopefully video.

So as they say in the great state of Alaska: Onward and Upward....or some such nonsense


  1. Hurray, the first of your many followers. I will keep the faith. I truly wish you the most fantastic trip and look forward to a long weekend session of storytelling in either Frankfurt or Amsterdam upon your return!

  2. Hi Keith,
    Heard from Myles you're keeping track of your trip via this block. He burst out in laugh after seeing your photo of the lick her shop :-) Nice to read about your adventures! See you when you are back!

    A lovely tall person