Saturday, January 24, 2009

Act 2: Koalas

The second stop on the tour was a koala sanctuary on Philips Island. I will try to explain koalas to you.

Ok think of a very fast and active animal (for example, a cheetah). Now think of that animal all hopped up on coffee and crack, running around all agitated and sweaty. Stealing money from your wallet even though he said he stopped using and was going to rehab. Now picture the exact opposite. That is a koala. These animals (actually marsupials) are excessively shiftless and lazy, sleeping about 23 hours a day and only wake up to eat and use the bathroom. However this is fully compensated for by their inexplicable level of cuteness. If it weren't for that, they'd be completely useless.

Sorry for the poor quality of pictures but I forgot to charge my camera battery before heading out.

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  1. "Shiftless and lazy... fully compensated by their inexplicable level of cuteness." Sounds familiar, except for the cuteness. Keith.